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DevOps is key to test automation!

DevOps is key to test automation!

As we know that testing is important for a good quality product. But have you ever thought about what will happen when some product is getting developed at a very fast speed and needs to be available at market in a very short time. For making testing effective and fast, devOps is playing a key role for the testing of products at the very initial stage. At present, we can see how devOps (the term “shift left”) refers to a practice in software development in which everyone focuses more on quality, work on problem prevention instead of detection, and begin testing earlier than ever before.

There are many tools available with the help of which we can achieve a shift left approach. Here we are describing some of them.

1. Effective Management of Test Automation Framework(GIT):-

In a large project where multiple developers/Test automation engineers collaborate, devops tool(GIT, Mercurial SCM) makes it easy to track changes made by each test automation engineer. It helps in tracking of Code, version control and effective management of code. With the help of source control management tools we can also easily maintain the quality of code with the help of its peer review feature.

2. Automatic execution of automated scripts (Jenkins):-

With the help of CI tools(devOps tools), the execution of automated scripts can be automated for each new commit by developer or tester, in this way we can easily identify any defects and the responsible code/person for the defect. We can also configure or schedule jobs to run at a particular time.

3. Fast Tracking of defects:-

With the help of CI tools, we can send the notification to the responsible person or team about failure in test automation scripts, it helps in identifying and fixing the defects at the earliest possible time.

4. Cross browser testing(jenkins-docker):-

As we are aware that at present there are multiple types of operating systems and browsers are available in the market and for providing good quality products, we also need to test our product on multiple combinations of OS and browsers. With the help of devops tools like docker, we can create our own containers with the required combination of OS and browsers with some exception. In this way we can easily reduce the cost for additional hardware and third party cross browser testing tools.


As we all know that too many new features without good quality products can not satisfy a user or customer for a long time, so If we will focus more on quality at the time of development then we will be able to satisfy our customer.


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