Covid World: What Will Change

With COVID-19 scoring upsetting records, the world that we have lived and known for so long, is slowly changing. Many businesses that are struggling to stay alive are on the brink of losing everything. Similarly, individuals are also getting affected both mentally and physically. In the midst of all the sadness, we are somehow trying our best to fight the virus by adapting to new ways of life.

But have you ever wondered how the world will change post COVID-19? Here is a little sneak-peak:

° Social Distancing will be followed: Even if we manage to beat the virus, we will still adhere to social distancing after months of practising it. And this is because we will begin to value personal space and hygiene.

° More than 50% of the workforce will become remote: Yes, with the sudden change in work-life, many companies will realise that working from home is an option and in order to follow social distancing norms, it will change its employee-structure in a way that most of them work remotely.

° Social, Religious & Educational places will undergo major changes: Places like theatres, restaurants, temples, schools etc will have to change their ‘occupancy’ number in order to survive post-covid world.

This is not all- there will be major trade changes between countries as new alliances will form over-time. Slogan like “Aatma-nirbhar” for India will be taken seriously as many foreign brands and businesses will have to look for new ways to function.

So how do you prepare yourself for this new world? By:

° Following Social Distancing Rules: It might take a long time before we get our hands on some form of a vaccination against the virus. So even when the cases have dropped, one must always maintain distance and avoid social gatherings.

° Learn new Skills: If you are someone who was laid off or someone who feels insecure about their future, it is always better to learn new skills that could be used to gain a professional edge. This is the best time to make a career jump by learning something new.

° Acceptance: You cannot move forward unless you accept the fact that the pandemic will affect all our lives. By accepting you give yourself a chance to advance in life.

With companies like TATA Consultancy Service and Twitter planning to continue the ‘work from home’ policy post covid too, it is time that we as individuals also plan our future accordingly.

Every century that has passed has faced challenges and difficulties of their own. And while we are struggling in our own way let us not forget the lesson the past has taught us- which is to keep our head held high and continue moving forward.

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