Let’s talk about ‘Mental Health’ as we ‘Work from Home’

As we enter June, the effects of COVID-19 are far from getting over. With major companies shifting their gear and promoting ‘work from home’ for the safety of their employees, this sudden change has left many of us feeling ‘stuck’.

Many people enjoy working from home but even if you like the working from the comfort of your home, it really becomes a challenge since your family or friends are also home 24*7. Who doesn’t love spending time with family & loved ones? But sometimes when you are trying to work but get distracted often, your productivity takes a hit.

The first step to mental wellness while working from home is ‘KNOWING that your mental health is getting affected’. Yes!

And how do you know it?

° By sensing a change in behaviour: For example, you get irritated easily, distracted etc.

° You start procrastinating: Maybe because you weren’t able to do an office task on time.

° Having difficulty staying motivated.

° You STOP looking forward to working at all.

If you have experienced or seen any of these changes, it is time that you open out about your mental health and talk to someone you can trust.

Here are some tips to follow if you are facing any problems working from home:

° Accept: Once you know that you are struggling mentally , don’t panic, instead reach out to someone.

° Alert your family and work-buddies: Let them know that this sudden change of work-place is affecting you.

° Take a Break: Instead of procrastinating, make a schedule you are comfortable working with and take frequent breaks.

Mental Health should not be an issue related only to working from home or living the current COVID-19 situation, it should be something that we talk about regularly in both our personal and professional lives.

Every individual struggles mentally to some extent and it is our duty as a society to be aware and lend a caring hand.

In these difficult times, we all need to stick together as a team and look for ways to promote a good working & living environment among loved ones and professional peers.

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