Automation & QA

Automation testing and QA company

Do you want to prevent bugs or corrupted features in the new software version? Then appoint a QA automation testing company. Automated quality assurance testing services can be a great way to manage jobs.

gen Z solutions helps you overcome the most difficult digital challenges with your expertise in Automation and QA services. We leverage best practices in agile testing, continuous integration, and test-driven development to bring new digital services to market faster, expand market reach, and respond faster and more effectively with market feedback.

gen Z solutions is at the forefront of test automation techniques, techniques, and methods with our test automation services. Our automation and QA team works with customers in a variety of industries to drive automation innovation and improve quality assurance. Companies need not to worry about Automation and QA because we can:

  • Reduce testing effort
  • Prompt delivery of projects
  • Cut budget

As a result, we develop and implement the most appropriate Automation and QA solution, considering your goals, timeline, and budget.

Components of our Automation and QA solution:

Appropriate process: How to achieve quantifiable results to solve challenges, such as maintaining the accuracy of repetitive tasks, accelerating the life cycle of software development, scaling technology platforms, and enhancing security.

Appropriate Technology: A complete suite of industry law tools and software licenses that complement the tools already in-house.

The right people: A project led by a team of QA teams, business analysts, and a team of experts who have worked with developers.

The right tool: gen Z solutions quality assurance personnel have used a variety of automation technologies to manage automation projects.

Benefits of automation solutions

Automation and QA is the use of tools and frameworks to monitor the performance of test cases and compare the results to the expected results. gen Z solutions test automation services include web, mobile, and web services. Our automation and QA team enables automated testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers locally in the cloud or using any framework. Our automation and QA team guarantee that you will receive the following benefits, namely:

Improved Test Coverage: Increasing test coverage is one of the biggest benefits of our automation solutions. Many test cases can be run in a very short time without missing important scenarios or cases, resulting in better test coverage compared to manual testing. To improve test coverage, you need to balance manual and automated testing.

Cost Reduction: Initially, you can increase the cost of simplifying all automation processes, but writing automation scripts saves a lot of money and improves ROI. It saves a lot of time and money because it requires less manual work to run a large number of test scripts.

Product Quality Improvement: One of the biggest benefits of our automated testing solutions is that it improves product quality by eliminating human error

Test Automation Approach

gen Z solution balanced Test Automation approach uses

application landscape

Assessment of your automation needs and application landscape.


Assessment of your existing automation solution. (if any).

tool selection_implement

Tool selection, Proof of Concept and implementation


Automated test script creation and execution.


Creation of regression test suites with flexible execution options.


Training of automation test pack to client for future maintenance.


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