It Outsourcing- Savings on Information Technologies and Infrastructures

Outsourcing allows companies to transfer infrastructure and equipment costs to third parties. In other words, it is the third parties who provide the funds necessary to provide the company with its products and services. In this way, the company has easy access to the latest technology with small investments and has clear advantages in designing, developing, and optimizing the distribution time of new products and services.

  • Constant technical updates
  • Type of service, cost analysis, and pre-determination
  • Increased operational flexibility

In close collaboration with our management and administration, gen Z solutions provides IT outsourcing services with complete operational independence to the entire IT department. We provide comprehensive IT support ranging from regular assistance, selection of IT equipment and software to installation, to the preparation of security measures and protection of the entire IT system. By outsourcing your IT needs to gen Z solutions, you can maintain and set up your new enterprise network in a Windows server environment.

Take Advantage of Efficient, Secure, and Scalable is with gen Z solutions

We are people who have always been interested in the world of IT and business. With the help of our IT experts, we help companies take advantage of the technology in them. Through software design and development, we identify solutions to the needs that companies present to us.

We listen to your needs from birth and work with you to find solutions to manage them. We do this together and use our clients’ commercial technology expertise and knowledge about their business. In addition, we work to prevent and provide solutions to issues that our customers have not yet encountered!

Our areas of Intervention

We provide IT assistance to companies that do not have technical people, but we must keep track of the state of IT and follow the reality by treating it as if it were ours. We design and build software for companies that have a customer base that wants to provide solutions. Our technical experts can help you outsource your information systems.

We have built the following areas over the years using our products to convey what is being outsourced from an IT perspective.

  • Audit IT architecture
  • Migrate resources and applications from IS
  • IT Infrastructure scalability
  • IT system security
  • Dedicated support and monitoring to meet your needs

What are the benefits of our Outsourcing services?

Relying on gen Z solutions for IT outsourcing means relying on effective technology systems to facilitate workflow and business activities.

The main benefits of our IT outsourcing services are:

  • Reliability and Professionalism– By choosing gen Z solutions, companies have the opportunity to rely on partners who already have professional and certified staff.
  • Reduce fixed costs and focus on core business– With information technology outsourcing to gen Z solutions, you can change your company’s cost structure by converting most of its fixed costs into variable costs and achieve scale economies.

Quality service-  gen Z solutions mainly deals with “IT” with the focus to keep your IT system up to date with techniques and problems that can arise from using them in relation to a single resource with a much smaller number of facts/cases.

Benefits of outsourcing with gen Z solution

It was a very common question that What IT Service We Provide now!

We Believe Our Longevity In This Industry And Our Repeat Business Are Proof Positive Of Our Commitment To Delivering Outstanding Results For Our Clients.

Asset Management Companies will be able to focus more on their core functions and strategic decisions​


Increased clients’ confidence through independent NAV calculation and reliable data management

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Effective and Reliable Disaster Recovery plan relieving the client from worrying about such details


No hassle of software development and maintenance.


Reduction in cost of fund management operations.


Data Confidentiality is at top priority and expertise.

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